Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Launcher” or “Home Screen App”?

An app launcher, or a home screen app, is a software tool or feature that helps users manage applications on their devices. It provides a user-friendly interface where applications can be accessed quickly and efficiently. Third-party launcher apps are safe, legal and easy to install from the Google Play Store. Installing a launcher will change how your device operates and make it more customizable to your needs.


App launchers offer various functionalities:


  • Search and Navigation – Helps you quickly find and open apps by typing their names.

  • Organization – Group apps into categories or folders for easy access.

  • Customization – Allows you to group apps into categories or folders for easy access.

  • Widgets and Shortcuts – This lets you add small tools and shortcuts to access app features quickly.

  • Task Management – Shows running apps and lets you switch between or close them.


Why did everything on my phone change?

Your phone’s interface will change when you download one of our apps. It doesn’t mean your phone has been hacked and it is 100% safe. A launcher’s job is to change your interface to make your phone experience more customized to meet your individual needs. Our apps modify your phone’s software to give you more control over its functions and home screen layout. If you ever want to return to the default Android setup, you can uninstall the launcher app at any time.

How do I change my phone back to how it was before? 

We hate to see you go!


To change your default home screen back to your phone’s original experience, please visit your Settings app and select Settings > Default Home screen, and then change your selection.


To switch to a new home screen launcher, navigate to your app drawer and click the installed launcher’s Settings icon. Then click the “Switch Default Home App” button. From the next screen, you will have the option to select a different home screen launcher. If the version of the app you’re currently using doesn’t have this option, you may also go to Settings > System Settings > Apps > Find the installed app > Home Screen> Select your new home screen launcher.


If you have difficulty with either of these menus on your device, you can always visit the app’s listing in the Google Play Store and click on the green “Uninstall” button.

Should I expect ads? 

Ads are what allow us to let users download the app for free. However, we are constantly improving the ad experience based on user feedback to ensure we are giving users the best possible experience with as little hassle as possible. 

Where can I stay up to date on all things Yobi Mobi? 

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