Align your tech with your life

At Yobi Mobi, we work relentlessly to build home screen apps to make your life simpler, brighter and more easily connected to things you value most.

Experience personalization
as unique as you

When you boot up your phone for the first time, your home screen is preloaded with the default display settings. Your icons, app drawer and functionality are all the “stock” setup – the same for you as they are for everyone else.

But you’re not everyone else. Maybe you want to prioritize email efficiency. Or security, Or maybe you have a soft spot for retro designs and want your apps, icons, widgets and notifications to reflect that.

Enter Yobi Mobi home screen apps. We are the only publisher dedicated exclusively to creating apps that transform mobile devices into highly personalized experiences tailored to the interests and needs of each individual.

Yobi Mobi’s home screen apps turn your phone into a tailored extension of who you are.

Why Yobi Mobi apps are best-in-class

Just ask the people who use our apps.

With over 100,000 reviews in the Google Play store, people tell us our apps help them save space, save time and stay up to date. Even though we’re the app development experts, we know you’re the expert of your life. That’s why we build our apps by listening to feedback from what you want — not what we think you need.

The result? We’ve become the largest developer of home screen apps, bringing joy to over 2.5 million monthly users. As we build the mobile development studio of the future, we’re deeply committed to what we do. And that means giving you a phone deeply customized to who you are.

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Learn about partnerships

As an industry-leading mobile app publisher, Yobi Mobi works tirelessly to connect users to a mobile experience that is completely tailored around their lives.

We seek partners who share our core values of speed, agility and fearless innovation. If you’re a content publisher, brand licensor or a potential distribution or advertising partner interested in exploring the power of launcher apps to improve the lives of smartphone users, we’d like to share a bit more about who we are.